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Salmon Recipes from Alaska

canned,fresh and smoked salmon recipes

Salmon Recipes from Alaska

There may be nothing quite like the subtle orchestration of flavor given off by a lovingly prepared Alaska salmon. Its adventursomeness and strength of character is worthy of every chef's respect. Salmon Recipes from Alaska is a tribute to the Alaska salmon, and an encyclopedia of its uses. Salmon Recipes from Alaska is one of the most successful cookbooks yet published about this North Pacific delicacy.

Here are nearly 250 recipes - some very simple, some quite audacious - to guide the willing chef through some of the wonders of the wild Pacific salmon. For beginners, this cookbook is a ticket to a new world. For those with a freezer full of salmon who long for variety, Salmon Recipes from Alaska is a treasure chest of new ideas.

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Over 200 recipes from soups and stews to entrees and casseroles! Just some of the great tastes include:

Fresh Salmon

Canned Salmon

Smoked Salmon

  • Cool salmon burritos
  • Bulgur stuffed salmon steaks
  • Smoked salmon and dill-stuffed potatoes
  • Mousseline of smoked salmon
  • Casserole Alaska
  • Salmon spinach bake

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