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Moose & Caribou recipes of Alaska

moose and caribou cookbook

Moose and Caribou Recipes of Alaska

You can never really know a place until you taste of it. Moose and caribou have provided nourishment to Northerners for thousands of years, and today these two delectable wild meats are enjoyed across Alaska, from the trapline to the white tablecloth, by subsistence users and city-bred gourmands alike.

Moose and Caribou Recipes of Alaska bring the flavor and spirit of the North Country to your dinner table in all the splendor and variety that this beautiful land offers its people.

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Over 200 recipes from soups and stews to entrees and casseroles! Just some of the great tastes include:

  • Valdez Moose Stew
  • Green Chili and Moose Pie
  • Moose Stir Fry
  • Marinated Moose with Juniper Berries
  • Moose Hot Dogs
  • Breaded Moose Steak
  • Moose Steak with Chestnut Sauce
  • Roast Caribou with Cranberry Sauce
  • Caribou Deluxe
  • Caribou with Oyster Sauce
  • Tropical Caribou
  • Southwest Caribou Chops
  • Caribou with Blue Cheese
  • Spicy Caribou Kabobs

Try Swedish Moose Meatballs tonight!


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